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" If I could turn saw dust into Gold I Wood be rich "


A brand identity is a set of tools or elements used by a company to create a brand image. A brand image is a customers’ perception of the brand consisting of various associations related to it and memories about interacting with it. A brand identity and its elements stem from a company’s mission, brand value proposition, long-term goals, competitive position on the market, and relevance to the values and interests of the target audience. These factors have a foundational nature and, in the branding process, describe what a company wants to communicate. Meanwhile, a brand identity describes how these foundational elements are communicated. The most commonly agreed upon elements of a brand identity usually include:

  • A brand name

  • A tagline or a slogan

  • Colors and graphic styles

  • A logo and a wordmark and their variations

  • A voice and a tone

  • A style and a typeface



For long-term success, it’s essential that a business can build trust with customers, and the easiest way to do that is to show who you are and what you care about. That’s why Sharp Development, puts authenticity first. “In today’s ever changing  hypercompetitive environment, building a brand that you can trust is more important than ever,” Unparalleled business and products, tailored for all of your needs.

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